Video Featuring Paul Chek discussing posture and flexibility and the importance of assessing which muscles to stretch in order to regain balance and stability to the body

Swiss Balls- Correct choice?

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How to Choose and Use Swiss Balls Correctly A downloadable handout on Swiss ball, How to Choose and Use Swiss Balls Correctly. You can print this out for yourself, or give it to your staff so they have a better understanding of how to use and look after your stability balls

Audio-Function exercise

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Audio recording of Functional Exercise from the Inside Out lecture given by Paul Chek as a digital download so you can get listening straight away and gain greater understanding of what makes an exercise “functional”

Sleep Cycles

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A complete article on the importance of getting enough sleep and working with out natural circadian cycles, taken from the best-selling book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!.I hope you’ll find this interesting and useful both for yourself as a busy manager or business owner, and as a resource for your staff.

Right Mouse Guide
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