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The Healing Herb:
A Holistic Guide to Cannabis

A brand new online course from the CHEK Institute.

Over 7 Lessons, The Healing Herb will teach you the science behind cannabis, its history, the benefits and the downside of its usage and how you can fit it into a holistic approach to health and peak performance.

Marijuana’s gift is the gift of the awareness of our potential to grow, and that growth requires creativity. We have to be more like the marijuana plant itself…”
-Paul Chek

Science is finally starting to shed light on the healing potential of cannabis. As a consequence, legalization and acceptance of the plant continue to grow.

And while cannabis has been popular in the alternative health community for decades, it can detract from our health and vitality.

The Healing Herb: A Holistic Guide to Cannabis is designed to give an in-depth overview of cannabis and educate viewers in ways to use it more holistically.

Phil Delaire is your host and guide for this course. Phil has been studying with the CHEK Institute for almost two decades. He is a CHEK Practitioner Level 4, a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3, Chek Golf Performance Specialist and PPS Success Practitioner.

For the course, Phil interviews two experts on the topic:

Paul Chek

Paul Chek, Founder of the CHEK Institute, shares his knowledge and personal experience with cannabis.

Throughout the course, Paul explains the holistic techniques and care he uses with the plant, and shares his approach as to when and how he makes use of cannabis. The result is a practical approach to the herb that will enable you to maximize your health and vitality in a sensible and holistic way.

Scarlett D’Eva Antaloczy

Scarlett D’Eva Antaloczy (R.Ac., R. TCMP, PhD) integrates Traditional Chinese, acupuncture and sound medicine while consulting with over 10,000 patients on how they can use Cannabis for their health challenges.

Scarlett is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese and Natural Medicine and belongs to the Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, and the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners of NA, SAG and ACTRA.

The Healing Herb: A Holistic Guide to Cannabis features 7 lessons:

Lesson 1 – Curious about Cannabis

Lesson 2 – “Core History” of Cannabis

Lesson 3 – Getting High on Science

Lesson 4 – The Effects of Cannabis

Lesson 5 – The Holistic Option – Lessons in the Volcano

Lesson 6 – Taking Care of You

Lesson 7 – A Holistic High

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