Practice Tai Chi with Paul Chek and the CHEK Faculty!

You may be stuck at home right now, but you can move, reduce your stress, calm your mind AND boost your immune response all at the same time. Let Paul and the CHEK Faculty show you how.

What Is a Tai Chi Gong?

The T’ai Chi Ruler is a simplified and accessible version of the traditional practice of T’ai Chi.  As a dynamic meditation, it is ideal for more athletic types who’d like to take their first taste of meditative practice.

Meditation, or mindfulness, has been shown by many published research studies to improve things such as, stress management, sleep patterns, digestion, blood pressure, balance, concentration – and even persistent pain.

The beauty of the T’ai Chi ruler is that it is so easy to learn, you can master it very quickly and then the next step is to commit to completing a Gong.

A T’ai Chi Gong (or Qi Gong) is a 100-day commitment to engage in the T’ai Chi discipline daily, without skipping a day.  If you miss a day, the rule is you have to start again at day 1!  This practice teaches dedication, focus and commitment and is a wonderful way to develop a sense of connection to the greater whole, intuition, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Join us Wednesday, April 15th at 1:00 pm PT LIVE as Paul Chek leads us in his Tai Chi Practice.

Paul will walk you through you his own personal Tai Chi Practice, showing you a very simple movement that will help you to destress and get some therapeutic movement in these difficult times.

The session will take place LIVE on the CHEK Institute Instagram Channel —> @chekinstitute

He will be logging on at 1pm PT on Wednesday April 15th. That’s:

  • 4pm ET
  • 21:00 in the UK
  • 22:00 in most of Western Europe
  • 6:00 am AET (16th April)
  • 8:00 am in NZ (16th April)

Going forward, the CHEK Faculty will help you to continue on your quest for a complete gong by hosting their own live Tai Chi sessions and posting videos of their practice as well.

Stay tuned to this page for schedule updates on when you can join them.

More Tai Chi + Immune Boosters!

A Beginner’s Guide to Tai Chi

Director of CHEK Faculty, Matthew Wallden has created a special introductory video on the Tai Chi Ruler. The video lays out exactly how to perform very simple Chi Circles that form the basis of a meditative Tai Chi practice. He also lays out the many benefits of engaging in the practice.

To watch A Beginner’s Guide to Tai Chi, head over to CHEKIVA, our media platform. (The video and access to the platform in general are absolutely free.)

How to Use a Tai Chi Ruler

This handy poster, created by Paul Chek, provides you with guidance on form, breathing, simple and advanced practice tips as well as a Gong Tracker to help you keep track of your practice.

Tap here to download your Tai Chi Ruler Poster (PDF format).

Immune Boosters Video Series on CHEKIVA

Beyond a Tai Chi Practice, there are many other things you can do to boost your immune system in specific and to improve your health and fitness, even while you’re staying at home. To help you stay at your fit best during the COVID quarantine, our CHEK Faculty have created a special Immune Boosters video series.

These are short, focused videos providing you with practical tips on diet (including some amazing juicing tips), exercise to simple lifestyle changes like how to adjust to change. We’ll be posting these over the coming days – all on CHEKIVA. And of course, they’re absolutely free.

Tap here to start watching Immune Boosters on CHEKIVA.