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1. How much does the information in different courses overlap?
Very little, except for the mini courses that are taken directly from a larger course.
For example, there are four mini courses that present the same material that is in:

  • Scientific Back Training
  • Functional Anatomy of the Back
  • Understanding Force Couple Relationships
  • Choosing a Lumbar Lifting Posture and Squatology

The other courses each focus on a particular topic. Due to the integrative nature of the human body, there will be references to other courses or sections that demonstrate how different topics are related.

2. What is the test taking procedure for the Correspondence Courses?
Follow the instructions for the course, which you can find in the front of the course manual. Generally, this involves watching the videos and following along in the manual. You may be required to perform some assessments or exercises on a partner. When you feel you have mastered the information and techniques in the course, take the test, which is found in the back of the manual. Most are multiple choice or short answer.

Some require a training program designed for a case study. Fill in your answers on the answer sheet provided. Make sure you write your name and address also! Send the information to: