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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: When is Evolve?

ANSWER: Evolve begins at:

12:01 am Eastern Time 5/3 in the US.
12:01 am AET 5/3 in Australia / NZ.
12:01 am (BST/GMT+1) 5/3 in the UK.

Evolve ends at:

12:01 am Eastern Time 5/4 in the US.
12:01 am AET 5/4 in Australia / NZ.
12:01 am (BST/GMT+1) 5/4 in the UK.

QUESTION: What happens if the course I want sells out before I register?

ANSWER: Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the course is full, we cannot add more seats. So please be sure to complete the pre-registration form to get a head start!

QUESTION: How long are your extended payment plans?

ANSWER: Payment plan length is determined by the date of the course you choose.

The number of monthly payments is equal to the number of months between May 3rd, 2019 and the start date of the course MINUS one – plans must be completed one month prior to the start of the course.

QUESTION: Do early bird discounts apply to extended payment plans?

ANSWER: Yes! If you choose to register for a course where early bird discounts are still available, you will receive them.

QUESTION: What are the “Free E-Learning Courses”?

ANSWER: They include all of our E-Learning Correspondence Courses and the 4 Quadrant Coaching Mastery Program or Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 Online. 4 Quadrant Coaching Mastery and HLC 1 Online counts as 2 e-learning correspondence course choices.

QUESTION: What are “CHEK Master Classes”?

ANSWER: CHEK Master Classes are single session, intensive webinars, designed to give participants targeted, practical training on a specific topic. Each Master Class is taught by a high level CHEK Professional – Gavin Jennings, Angie Chek, or Paul Chek.

Master Classes will be held:

June 4th – Nutrition for the CHEK Professional
August 7th – CHEK Business Success
October 15th – Living in 4D with Paul Chek

QUESTION: When will I receive my bonuses?

ANSWER: E-Learning course bonuses will be received on May 10th. Walking Tall and Holistic Health and Performance for Women will be released 4th quarter 2019 and students will be granted immediate access.