Step 2: Select Your Bonuses!

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What’s next?

Time to choose your bonus courses!

Please make your selections based on the following guidelines.

If you preregistered for 1 ATP, you’ve qualified for the Expansive Growth Package!


  • 2 E-Learning Courses

  • 1 Master Class

If you preregistered for 2 ATPs, you’ve qualified for the Exponential Growth Package!


  • 3 E-Learning Courses

  • 2 Master Classes

If you preregistered for 3+ ATPs, you’ve qualified for the Evolutionary Growth Package!


  • 4 E-Learning Courses

  • 3 Master Classes

Simply complete the form below, selecting the boxes next to the e-learning courses and Master Classes you’d like, then tap the “Preregister My Bonuses!” button at the bottom of the page and you’ll be all set.

E-Learning Correspondence Courses