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10 reasons why the C.H.E.K Institute’s e-Learning Platform is right for you:

  1. Immediate access to our comprehensive and acclaimed home-study courses; no more waiting for the parcel to arrive in the mail before you can start learning.
  2. Straightforward and easy to use. You don’t need to be a geek!
  3. Study when and where you want! You just need a laptop / smart phone / iPad and internet access – no DVD player or TV required.
  4. Immediate grading of your tests and an instant Certificate of Completion with CECs and CEUs when you pass the course.
  5. Cheaper than regular DVD home-study courses! And did we mention there is no shipping, so they are “greener” too!
  6. No need for long downloads or huge files. All the video and audio is streamed quickly and efficiently from world-wide servers. The course manual is downloadable as a quick PDF file.
  7. Don’t want to print off piles of paper? A professionally printed and bound manual is available for each course for just a few $$ more.
  8. Start and stop when you like – our smart system remembers where you left off and will pick up at the same place when you next log on.
  9.  Interactive mini-tests throughout the courses improve your understanding of the subject and make it easier to use the information with your clients.
  10. Permanent access to course materials, even after you have completed the exam. The courses never expire. Review at any time!

Here are just some of the courses available on the C.H.E.K Institute’s e-Learning Platform:


Advanced Swiss Ball Training For RehabilitationThis course shows you how to apply the science of biomechanics and kinesiology to advanced assessments and functional training techniques using the Swiss ball for rehabilitation and injury prevention. You will learn how to identify postural problems and instabilities using Swiss ball assessments. After completing the course, you will be able to develop these assessments into corrective exercises, with appropriate modifications for the condition and training level of your client.

CECs and CEUs: C.H.E.K Institute 5.0, ACE 0.5, NATA-BOC 8.0, NASM 0.7, NSCA 0.5, ISSA 5.0, ACSM 5.0, Cooper Institute 5.0, REPS UK 4.0, BCRPA 5.0

[This] course gave me powerful assessment tools and a expanded arsenal of tests, for identifying movement disorders and muscle imbalances.  Almost all tests are implemented in our manual medicine clinic in Sweden.  – Joahim Dettner, D.N., Sweden

Scientific Core Conditioning

Scientific Core ConditioningScientific Core Conditioning is the most comprehensive, in-depth course available on this subject. Expand your knowledge of the abdominal musculature and its biomechanical relationship to the entire kinetic chain, when applied to the prevention of back pain, maintenance of good posture and optimal sports performance.

CECs and CEUs: C.H.E.K Institute 15, ACE 2.4, NATA-BOC 30, NASM 1.9, NSCA 1.5, ISSA 16.0, ACSM 24.0, BCRPA 24, Cooper Inst 24, REPS UK 6.0.

This course should be the basis of all exercise programs in a world full of misconceptions and mis-education.  – Chris Bates

Please note that the following four courses are all sub-sections of Scientific Core Conditioning and are all included in the full course!

Functional Anatomy of the Core

Functional Anatomy of the CoreUnderstand how the abdominal and back musculature interacts to stabilize and move the core and extremities.

CECs and CEUs: C.H.E.K Institute 5.0, ACE 0.5, BOC 7.0, NASM 0.5, NSCA 0.5, ISSA 5.0, ACSM 5.0, Cooper Inst 5.0, REPS UK 4.0, BCRPA 5.0

Assessing Core Functions cover

Assessing Core FunctionLearn how to perform a thorough assessment of core function in order to select the appropriate exercises for your clients.

CECs and CEUs: C.H.E.K Institute 5.0, ACE 0.5, BOC 5.0, NASM 0.5, NSCA 0.5, ISSA 5.0, ACSM 5.0, BCRPA 24, Cooper Inst 5, REPS UK 4.0, BCRPA 5.0

High Performance Core Conditioning

Core Conditioning ExercisesThis course features a multitude of functional an innovative exercises to keep you and your clients stimulated. Learn core conditioning exercises without equipment, as well as using Swiss ball, medicine balls, free weights and cables.

CECs and CEUs: C.H.E.K Institute 5.0, ACE 0.5, BOC 6.0, NASM 0.5, NSCA 0.5, ISSA 5.0, ACSM 5.0, Cooper Inst 5.0, REPS UK 4.0, BCRPA 5.0

Core Conditioning Exercises

High Performance Core ConditioningWith dozens of exercises to challenge even the most accomplished athlete, you will learn how to design core conditioning programs to increase speed and power.

CECs and CEUs: C.H.E.K Institute 5.0, ACE 0.5, BOC 5.0, NASM 0.5, NSCA 0.5, ISSA 5.0, ACSM 5.0, Cooper Inst 5.0, REPS UK 4.0, BCRPA 5.0

Program Design Cover

Program Design: Choosing Reps, Sets, Loads, Tempo and Rest Periods, 2nd Edition

Move far beyond the “one-size-fits-all” approach to program design, and develop an in-depth understanding of how to use the science of selecting acute exercise variables to create effective programs for all your clients. You will learn how to combine and manipulate exercise variables; not just reps and sets, but also loads, tempo and rest periods. Periodization concepts are covered and case histories are used as illustrations, bringing real-life examples to help you understand these critical factors.

CECs and CEUs:C.H.E.K Institute 7.0, ACE 0.8, BOC 10.0, NASM 0.7, NSCA 0.5, ISSA 7.0, ACSM 8.0, Cooper Inst 8.0, REPS UK 4.0, BCRPA 8.0

[This] course was an invaluable tool in helping me to expand my knowledge as a personal trainer and to achieve my professional goals in the fitness industry.  I highly recommend it.  – Dixie Harshbarger

Primal Pattern Movements

Primal Pattern® Movements

Today, despite the fact that we have more medical, sports and exercise technology and more doctors per capita than ever in history, we have more orthopedic injuries in almost every category recorded! It doesn’t have to be that way. Paul Chek shares his unique approach to preventing orthopedic injury and improving performance through nutrition and optimal motor engram programming.

CECs and CEUs:C.H.E.K Institute 3.0, BOC 2.5, NASM 0.5, ISSA 5.0, Cooper Inst 3.0, REPS UK 4.0, BCRPA 5.0

Scientific Back Training

Scientific Back Training, 2nd Edition

Do you work with anyone who has suffered from or is currently experiencing back pain? Do your clients have postural problems? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions you (and your clients) will benefit from this course! This information-packed course is intended for serious strength and conditioning coaches, rehabilitation specialists and personal trainers.

CECs and CEUs:C.H.E.K Institute 18.0, ACE 1.8, ACSM 18, ISSA 16, Cooper Institute 18.0, NATA 17.5, NASM 0.7, NSCA 1.0, BCRPA 14.0, REPS UK 16.0

This is the most fundamentally important course I have done.  The practicality and usefulness in the day to day interaction with clients is unsurpassed.  – David Brassey

Equal But Not The Same Cover

Equal, But Not the Same: Considerations for Training Females

Paul presents his tried-and-true approach to training females. Based upon a combination of research and years of Paul’s clinical experience treating orthopedic disorders in women, this course is sure to provide a paradigm shift for the exercise professional. You’ll learn how the female client differs from the male and why specific exercise programming for females is essential, as well as how to recognize common joint instabilities and orthopedic concerns in females and how to correct common postural problems in women, plus lots more. This course will provide cutting edge information sure to improve your success with female clients.

CECs and CEUs:C.H.E.K Institute 15.0, ACE 1.5, NASM 0.7, NSCA 1.0, ISSA 16.0, ACSM 15.0, NATA 18.0, Cooper Inst 15.0, REPS UK 6.0, BCRPA 15.0

Equal, But Not the Same is one of the most valuable courses I have ever taken. The science is solid and accessible. The video component is outstanding and will remain a vital source to revisit. As for content, I think there is no message more urgent for women than the call to functional training. It has already made significant improvements in my own performance. Paul Chek is an extraordinarily relevant and dynamic instrcutor. – Sue Real, USA

New courses added regularly, so there is always something to interest you and earn the CECs you need.

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