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Discussing The Ghost in the Machine

A special webinar featuring Paul Chek and Matthew Wallden responding to critics of their Ghost in the Machine framework for understanding musculoskeletal pain.

What’s wrong with the Ghost in the Machine?

Last year, Paul and Matthew released a paper in The Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies entitled “The Ghost in the Machine – Is Musculoskeletal Medicine Lacking Soul?”

The paper argued that the concept of “central sensitization” (at its most basic, a lowering of pain threshold) needed to be expanded to incorporate lifestyle factors, mental-emotional factors, and indeed spiritual factors in order to truly understand and overcome musculoskeletal pain.

Well, that paper set off a bit of a controversy in the health profession and now the field is beginning to reply to Paul & Matthew.

In this webinar, Paul and Matthew will recap the central points of “The Ghost in the Machine”, lay out the main criticisms of their paper, and reply to those criticism.

The webinar is free and will take place on July 1st at 12:00 pm PT. That’s:

  • 20:00 in the UK on 1st July
  • 21:00 in most of Western Europe on1st July
  • 5:00 am in Sydney, Australia on 2nd July
  • 7:00 am in New Zealand on 2nd July

What the heck is the Ghost in The Machine and What is Central Sensitization?!

Don’t worry if you haven’t read Paul & Matthew’s original paper and you’re not familiar with central sensitization! When you register for this webinar, we’ll send you the replay of their very first Ghost in the Machine webinar where they’ll walk you through the paper from beginning to end, getting you up to speed on the arguments and evidence they provide. So you’ll be well prepared by the time Paul and Matthew get ready to discuss the criticism.

Why attend this webinar?

The point of the webinar really isn’t just to knock down other people’s arguments.

It’s to get clear on the true sources of musculoskeletal pain and to build an approach that helps to heal that pain – long term. Anyone who works with clients who experience this pain (or have it themselves!) will find the information in this webinar invaluable.

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