CHEK HLC Level 2 – 4 Doctor Mastery Mentorship Program

with Paul Chek

Watch a special invitation to join the HLC 2 Mastery Program from Paul himself.

Taking HLC 2 is like trying to drink water from a fire hose – there’s a lot of information to process in that class!

Putting all of those tools and techniques from HLC 2 into practice can be a challenge, and we want you to feel confident practicing them both in your own life and with your clients.

That’s why Paul has created his brand new CHEK HLC 2 – 4 Doctor Mastery Mentorship Program.

This online program is your opportunity to be mentored by Paul himself for nine months and to learn how to use his 4 Doctors system fluidly and flawlessly to crush your health goals!

Whether you took HLC 2 waaaaay back when it was called NLC 2 or you were in class just last year, this mentorship is going to take your coaching skills to a whole new level.

Registration for this mentorship is now closed.

If you are interested in a future session of this mentorship or if you are interested in other mentoring opportunities with Paul, please contact our Education Department by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1.760.477.2620.

A Message from Paul

Paul Chek

I created the HLC 2 – 4 Doctor Mastery program specifically to help you truly master the HLC 2 principles and methods for your own well-being, and to unlock their full potential as the powerful coaching tools I know they can be.

The Holistic Lifestyle Coach program has been running for nearly fifteen years now and I have served as a consultant to numerous HLC 2 students since the program began.  One common theme is that the magnitude of the information taught over five days is often overwhelming for students, even those who are seasoned healthcare professionals.

Some people thrive when given that much information, but having now answered hundreds of questions from HLC 2 students worldwide, it is clear to me that many students could benefit from extra support to learn how to practice the HLC 2 techniques with the skill and confidence to experience their potential – personally and professionally. 

I specifically designed this mentorship program to be web-based, so that you can join regardless of where you live, without having to spend money on travel or hotels, or to take time away from work and family.  Trust me – after 25+ years of presenting all over the world, I know the toll that travel can take on your body and health!

And we’ll take the information in the course step-by-step, session by session.  That means you can apply the methods at work, practice them between our classes and come to the next session confident that you can move on, or prepared with the questions you need to get it right.

You’ll also benefit from each other’s personal and professional challenges and experiences as we progress through the program.

This is something that even one-on-one coaching with me can’t provide!

Participants in my other Mentorship program have found that they learn as much from each other in certain aspects, as they do from me.  I ask all participants to come to each class ready and willing to share with the rest of the group, and of course we’ll be maintaining strict confidentiality among the participants, so you can really feel supported by your fellow students.

My dream is that this HLC 2 – 4 Doctor Mastery program will help you look and feel your best, and be much more grounded and confident in your work.

The planet needs our help as healing guides to cultivate holistic, earth-friendly farming, eating and living practices more than ever before, and I am truly excited to help you be the change.

Love and Chi,
– Paul Chek

Join Paul for the HLC 2 mentorship and he’ll show you how to:

  • Coach clients to live dream-affirmatively using the 4 Doctors Model.
  • Use the 4 Doctors Sexy Dash Functions as effective client-coaching tools.
  • Recognize indicators of each relevant aspect of the psyche and Chek Totem Pole.
  • Communicate with your clients in a way they understand and identify with using S.M.A.R.T communications.
  • How to identify a client’s Archetypes and how to use this information as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach.
  • Establish Qualifying Dreams, Goals and Objectives as a source of powerful motivation for your clients.
  • Identify when one’s state of mind results in alterations of rhythm, pressure and flow.
  • Use the Coin Drill to assist in building dream-affirmative habits.
  • Create sacred listening space with yourself and others.
  • Break down a client case to establish 4 Doctor load and develop a prioritized 4 Doctor action item list.
  • Determine when you need to consider lab testing.
  • Decide when you need specific supplementation.
  • Create a multi-disciplinary team and who should be the priority caregiver, based on our evaluation of the client.
  • Build a Pain Tree and how to coach a client to create their own so they can evaluate their authentic needs for exercise.
  • Mix working-in and working-out, particularly for those challenging clients who refuse to stop working out!

What’s Included in the HLC 2 – 4 Doctor Mastery Mentorship Program?

  • 14 web-based live classes with Paul. Each session will be approximately 90 minutes long, beginning with a ~30-45 minute overview of the materials to be mastered for that specific session. The remainder of the class will be spent applying the methods using a case study.
  • A recording of every call will be available to watch online until the next class. It will then be replaced by the next recording.
  • A private Facebook group exclusively for you to discuss the sessions with your fellow participants.
  • The current HLC 2 exam will be available at the end of the program for those who wish to pass the exam to regain current status with the C.H.E.K Institute.

Schedule of Classes

First class – Wednesday February 22nd, at 10:30 am Pacific Time.

Classes will be held every two, three or four weeks (determined by Paul’s already existing commitments to teach and present). The program will end in November 2017.

We realize that 10:30 am PT is not ideal for people in the South Pacific, especially as we move into April. The time of the classes may be adjusted if there are a large number of Australians / New Zealanders registered for the program. It is a challenge to find a time that works for all geographical regions and fits Paul’s busy schedule!

Mimi Flower on her Mentorship with Paul:

Peter Veselcic on his Mentorship with Paul:

Trust in Love~4~Mastery.

I chose Paul as my teacher as I trust him. My journey to health and spiritual wellbeing started with his work, went through his work and continues with his work. Along the way, I came across many systems, teachers, and ideas. ‘Don’t trust what I say, trust how you feel when you put it into practice’. That kind of statement helped me to cut through the forests of advice that is all around us every day in every possible way. I chose him, as I experienced the benefits and truth of his guidance.

This program is not only for coaching clients or coaching myself. It carries a deep seed of truth in it. Truth through experience. What are we? What is our essence? What are our beliefs? What are our illusions? Where is my shadow? How does it show itself? Am I aware of it? Am I aware that I’m not aware? These questions lead to a deep examination of myself, my relationships and conduct – or my relationship to the I – WE – ALL as Paul calls it.

Being in this group of people also showed me that we are not alone. Not alone in our troubles, in finding our way, in dealing with our history and in overcoming the pains and hardships of our life. We work together as a group. We listen. We share. We find similarities and differences. We bring in what we are and how we are; we are equal, but not the same. And that gives great power to this work.

It is a never ending journey, I can’t separate the program from what I was doing before, what I’m doing now and what will come. But where am I now? I just learned to trust more. The more I trust in myself, my abilities, my peers and my teacher, the more love I develop. I trust in my mistakes, as they are the key to overcome them. I trust in the feedback I get as I begin to understand that not everyone who says ‘No’ says ‘No’ to me, but to the thing I’m doing. That realization makes a profound difference.

With the commitment I made, I engage in a profound process. Even though we have an outline, we are fluid. It is like life. We can have the best plans, but the reality is, no plan survives contact with reality. And that’s probably what I love most about Paul. His passion for giving us what we need now, at the right time, when we need it. It may be unexpected, it may appear weird sometimes, but sooner or later you see yourself saying: Goddamn, this shit is/was just right!

So, what do I do? I explore. I learn. I grow. But most of all I trust. I love. I trust in Love~4~Mastery.

~ Peter Veselcic

Paul Chek

If you have got this far, then you know who Paul Chek is!  In case you need a refresher, you can read his bio here.

Stay tuned for a message from Paul about why he is so excited to have you join his first HLC 2 – 4 Doctor Mastery Mentorship program!

The CHEK HLC 2 – 4 Doctor Mastery Mentorship Program is open to all who have completed CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2 or higher.

Do I have to be current with the C.H.E.K Institute to register?

No! You need not have renewed in 2016 in order to register for the program.

This is another way for CHEK HLC2s to regain their status as a current C.H.E.K Institute-Trained Professional, without having to re-take the course, travel away from home for a week and pay for airfares, hotels, etc.

Those who are not current can take the HLC 2 exam at the end of the Mastery Mentorship Program and regain current status, with all the benefits that entails.

What if I attended HLC 2 years ago? Can I participate?

Of course! We often get requests from students who attended CHEK HLC 2 ten or more years ago, and who would like to upgrade their skills using the new techniques taught in the latest version of the program. This new Mentorship program with Paul is an ideal way to master the 4 Doctor concepts and other components that were added to the HLC 2 course when it was revamped in 2014.

If you took HLC 2 prior to December 2014, you will be required to purchase a new, current manual in order to participate in all of the class exercises. An option to purchase this is available when you register.