C.H.E.K Institute Correspondence Courses

Ever feel like your career is stuck on a treadmill?

We see it time and time again – most trainers and holistic health practitioners find themselves on a kind of treadmill.
You’re always on the constant hunt for new clients. That takes away from the energy and time you have to spend with current clients. Which in turn means that current clients are more likely to leave…
And the harder you work to find new clients – the faster you run – the more you stay on the treadmill.
When you’re on the treadmill there’s no time to improve your skills, to increase your rates and to do all of the other things that you need to grow your business.
If that sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s time to build the skills and confidence to grow your dream practice!

We created our new CHEK Foundations Program specifically to help you get off the client treadmill – to enable you to build a practice that helps each and every client truly meet their health goals while living your own life to the fullest.
Once you sign up to CHEK Foundations, you’ll have access to our full range of online correspondence courses, enabling you to:
  • Sharpen your knowledge of functional anatomy
  • Learn truly insightful assessment techniques
  • Discover how to design highly individualized programs
  • Massively increase your library of functional exercises
  • Build confidence in your skills as you learn Paul Chek’s time-tested methods
CHEK Foundations offers affordable, monthly subscription-based access to our correspondence courses enabling you to learn at your own pace and customize your education to your needs.
Are you working with clients who experience low back pain? Take our Scientific Back Training Course.
Feeling like your exercises are getting a little stale? Complete Medicine Ball Training to add this classic, powerful and fun tool to your repertoire.
And our correspondence courses are certified with most of the major fitness organizations in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia, so you’ll be earning CEC’s while gaining the skills to grow a successful practice.
Even better, as our library of e-learning courses grows, so does yours…

All CHEK Foundations members receive access to new correspondence courses at no additional cost.

Normally our e-learning courses sell for hundreds of dollars – purchasing all of our e-learning courses individually would cost you well over $2,500 – but we want to empower you to build your dream practice…
…which is why we’re making all of our e-learning correspondence courses available to you at once…

…all for just $74 per month.