What is your squat telling you?

The way you squat can tell you a great deal about joint restrictions and muscle imbalances you may be experiencing!

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CHEK Squat Assessment Checklist

CHEK Squat Assessment Checklist

Some trainers have called the squat “The King of Exercises”.  Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the squat is one of our primal pattern® movements – movement forms that were necessary for survival in our natural habitat and that we use all the time in our daily lives.

Because the squat is such an essential movement pattern, it’s important to get the form right – especially in our desk-driven, sedentary world!

To help you make sure you and your clients are squatting properly, we’ve created a special squat assessment checklist that will help you to track down joint restrictions and muscle imbalances that can prevent you from squatting correctly.

This quick and handy checklist includes:

  • 3 set-up assessments
  • 14 execution assessments
  • 9 key indicators of joint restrictions, muscle imbalances, and muscle weaknesses
  • One powerful technique to reveal hidden restrictions/imbalances

Whether you use it only for your own workouts or with your clients, this checklist will quickly become an invaluable tool to resolving restrictions and muscle imbalances, and squatting with correct form.

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