The holiday season begins in earnest next week, even during a pandemic.

Unfortunately, that one thing will give people many more excuses to turn off the healthy sides of their brains and indulge in all kinds of foods they normally wouldn’t do.

And, because it’s THE HOLIDAYS, this unhealthy way of handling food could last all the way to the New Year, and maybe a lot longer than that…

If you’re feeling more stressed than ever about making healthy decisions regarding your diet at this time of the year, here’s two questions to keep in mind.

Is your holiday eating plan dream-affirmative?

Life goes on before and after the holidays, so it’s critical for you to form a strategy right now for how to eat with the primary purpose of supporting your dream.

No single diet strategy fits everyone, so there’s no way for anyone to prescribe the right plan for you, but you.

Just remember, all of those foods you love so much for a handful of times during the holidays can make your body pay a tall pr