Do you struggle with doing the same things over and over and OVER again that didn’t work the first or the 120th time, yet hold on to a mistaken belief that they actually will?

In this video, I want to share a process I use with my clients (I use it too!) that can help you generate more calm, uplift and harmony in your life.

You’ll get a better handle on how challenges generate growth in our lives, but not without making changes and navigating some chaos that allows us to release the old, accept help, love and guidance when we need it and create an opening for the new and better to permeate our lives.

I’ll share a quick review of the Chakra System, reframing it as the Seven Zones of Awareness that enables you to target where the challenges to manifesting more harmony in your life exist and how you can begin to work on them.

And, I’ll pose two simple questions that will help you identify your dream simply and easily, then embrace it through saying, singing, chanting or dancing it.

In my 38 years as a health practitioner, I’ve learned that if you cannot be playful with your dreams enough to sing or dance them, you probably won’t be successful with the challenges life throws at you every day…

Love and chi,