Previously, Iโ€™ve used fire as a symbol when we talk about our bodies, particularly when the subject is exercise.

Unfortunately, most people only focus on the fire principle, the catabolic state in which tissue breaks down, and forget about the other half of the equation: The anabolic process that allows your body to rebound, regenerate and rebuild.

The transformative power of fire cuts two ways. Fire fuels your movement but it can be just as harmful if youโ€™re cheating your body-mind of the anabolic side it needs to achieve a healthy balance.

Remember, in the absence of cooling water, an out-of-control fire burns buildings down in no time. A very similar breakdown and burnout can happen to your body if youโ€™re not carefulโ€ฆ

Another beautiful thing about working out is how it does wonders to unwind your mind that may be stressed by the people, places and things you experience during your work day that prevents you from expressing the creative energy youโ€™re feeling inside.

In this latest chapter of my Movement as Medicine series, Iโ€™ll also remind you about some of the working-in techniques we discussed previously.

Love and chi,