I use the working-in concept so much in my videos, that I often assume you know what I’m talking about…

Working-in is all about pumping, meaning pressure fluctuations which cause fluids to move throughout the body.

Also, working-in should be ideally coupled with something I call torso deformation. For example, doing a biceps curl can be a form of pumping, yet there’s no deformation of the torso.

If you don’t do things like laying over a Swiss ball or bending your body, your organs don’t get pumped effectively.

Or, better yet, imagine people exercising in the gym on machines. They’re moving their arms and legs but their core is fixed and doesn’t pump, so those forms of exercise are pretty ineffective to keep your body healthy. (Relying on machines do to do the work for you can create imbalances in the body too.)

Working-in exercises are good for cultivating more life force energy too. Chi is a term that encapsulates all forms of life force energy that interact with living organisms.

Life force energy is also referred to as subtle energy, The sun that bathes your skin, the water you drink and the foods you eat are forms of life force energy. If you’re not getting enough of that energy from our environment, you will experience a deficit of energy.

In my video, I’ll share techniques to give your vitality a boost. For example, if you’re waiting for a plane at the airport, don’t just sit there. I do tai chi to prevent my body from feeling stagnant, and protect myself from being around hordes of unhealthy people, some of whom are probably pretty sick.

Also, you’ll learn why working-in helps you experience your self more and rebalances your yang energy too!

Love and chi,