Wonder Woman Holds the Key to Beating Stress

ยฉ 2017 DC Comics

It’s probably no secret by now that Jator Pierre and I love comics, and this week we’re talking about one of my personal favorites — Wonder Woman!

What’s the Amazon Warrior got to do with health?

Well let me ask you this: when was the last time you truly wondered about the real causes behind your health challenges?

In my latest conversation with Jator, we discuss the importance of giving yourself some quality time to wonder about andย explore more deeply the subtle things that may be obstacles to your health — particularly the role we ourselves play in the creation of our life stresses.

For example, think about the emotional stressors you may be feeling right now. Giving yourself a block of time focused on nothing but exploring your health may stir up questions about deeply embedded stressors you may have been avoidingโ€ฆ

  • Why am I REALLY staying up too late?
  • Why did I REALLY drink that cup of coffee on an empty stomach?
  • Why did I REALLY argue with my friend over something totally unimportant?

If you can answer those questions, Jator says, it’s a good first step toward understanding why you do the things you do and finding some real solutions to your health problems.

Wonder Woman has been a source of inspiration for about 76 years now — she’s a symbol of strength, wisdom, courage, persistence, beauty and so much more. But as Jatorย shows in our interview, she can also be a guide to discovering the deepest sources of our health challenges.

So grab a seat and watch our conversation below or take it with you by downloading it as a podcast!

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