Why is Change So Hard? Part 3: CommunityIn our 24/7 society, most of us spend so little time with our community of friends, our “tribe” of real people who feed our human need for support, motivation, change, acceptance and love and allow us to give it all back to them freely in return.

Instead, we spend way too much of our waking hours with our heads bent down staring at our mobile phones keeping up with Facebook or Twitter about places, things and people with whom we largely have next to no connection in our daily lives.

Yet, many of us have bought into the fallacy that somehow we’re more connected socially than ever before…

In the final part of our series of talks, CHEK Faculty Member Jator Pierre and I discuss using the power of community — the people we surround ourselves with and the quality of those relationships — to help us change and grow.

(Catch up with this series on change by watching our first two conversations about energy and motivation.)

Unfortunately, a lot of people look at community as more of a distraction and bother, not realizing that the American drive of self-responsibility can quickly become a self-defeating echo chamber that stores all of those unresolved feelings of shame, blame and guilt internally, making you feel all the more worse about yourself and your life.

As you watch this video, think about how it feels to be in the company of like-minded people who really get you and how they provide you with the energy you need to make changes that last.

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