Wholeness, Happiness and Bodymind ConsciousnessLove is consciousness becoming aware of itself. Paul Chek

In every healing, wisdom tradition is the recognition of a life force that fuses and coordinates biological intelligence by unifying and animating our molecules into a living, breathing being.

Our body’s trillions of cells have very specific roles carrying out countless life-sustaining functions, while simultaneously contributing to the wholeness of the bodymind physiology.

What is this unifying force that organizes a complex set of biochemical processes into a human being with the awareness and ability to think, feel and act?

Both Arthur M. Young and Margaret Newman affirmed that the universal process of expanding consciousness “is a process of becoming more of oneself, of finding greater meaning in life, and of reaching new dimensions of connectedness with other people and the world.” (Newman, 2010).

The pattern of energy and information (movement), which is the consciousness of the system, is part of a larger, undivided pattern of an expanding universe.

Consciousness encompasses not only cognitive and affective awareness but is the modulating force of the bodymind interconnecting the entire living system, which includes physiochemical maintenance and growth processes.

Our gut–brain axis affects the central nervous system, neuroendocrine and neuroimmune systems including the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis) and the sympathetic and parasympathetic arms of the autonomic nervous system, including the enteric nervous system, vagus nerve and gut microbiota.

Our Bodymind Communicates in Health and Disease

To see health in the pattern of the whole, one must view disease not as a separate entity but as a manifestation of the evolving pattern of person-environment interaction.

Health and illness are the evolving patterns of consciousness as they interact with the environment. They are mirror manifestations of the rhythmic fluctuations of the life process and are the basis for understanding health and illness as a unitary process moving through variations in order-disorder.

Bodymind consciousness and happiness are the same: The foundation of our holistic approach to evolve as awakened, whole human beings.

Consciousness or awareness is dependent on ceaselessly generating images of knowing, first expressed as a feeling relative to mental images known.

We recognize that health and illness are part of the same continuum reflecting the overall organizations of thoughts and feelings.

Within the finite limits of the human body, there is a force that is capable of reaching brilliant peaks of excellence and shows us the possibility of infinite potential of our minds and hearts.

Working with Deepak Chopra years ago, I learned that the steady stream of thoughts and feelings we experience as awareness consist of impulses of intelligence emerging from a nonlocal field of pure potential.

The drama of the human condition is revealed by the consciousness because awareness shines the light of experience to inform our state of being, guide creativity and improve human existence, both individually and collectively.

The Disruption of Toxicity

When people fail to care for themselves at a biological level, the memory of wholeness is forgotten as the free expression of the intelligent vital force within — the lack of coherence between our cells — become disrupted.

Toxicity of a body creates a toxic mind and emotions. Toxic thinking and emotions create sick and diseased bodies intricately linked by the body-mind connection. The body and mind are intimately influenced by stress of all kinds.

The nightmare of illness can become an impetus to evaluate one’s choices and consider adopting the core values Paul shares in The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need. The pain teacher can be viewed as a dramatic wake-up call to us as individuals and a society.

When we ignore the signals of wisdom our body is trying to communicate with us, we won’t be happy. Confusion stems from a chronic mistrust between the body and the mind. Amid the simmering cauldron of sensation and perception that we call sentience, we habitually fog our mental view of our very own bodily selves.

Often, we are afraid to hear the truth. We use part of the mind as a screen to prevent another part of it from sensing what goes on elsewhere. When our clients feel fear, shame, humiliation or blame, those thoughts and feelings keep them stuck in a destructive cycle.

Suffering rises from refusing or pushing away this pain. You’ve heard these statements before.

  • It shouldn’t be this way…
  • I can’t stand this…
  • Why me?
  • It’s always been this way and always going to be this way…

These are the parts we add.

The True Power of Inner Awareness

I’ve noticed most people do not focus their inner awareness or use its real power, especially in the most difficult moments of crisis.

By utilizing and mindfully directing one’s focused attention inward — befriending stillness and witnessing sensations, thoughts and feelings, including our judgments and connecting to heart and soul — we set ourselves up to truly listen for the answers about the deeper significance of illness and how we are being redirected for our own healing.

There is our love-hate relationship with challenges. Acknowledging limitations or weaknesses does not mean we are flawed. Rather, recognizing we are multifaceted human beings allows us to embrace the paradoxical aspects of our nature.

It’s our interpretation of our experiences, either positive or negative, which creates our reality. What we energize becomes.

Only through honest self-evaluation will we gain the power to make the changes that create greater happiness and wellbeing. In our reawakening, we can restore coherence to our cells and wholeness to our lives.

We have the innate desire to evolve. The only way we can grow is by being tested by circumstances in our environment, which force us to adapt, change, become resilient and, most importantly, move beyond limited states of mind and body based on past patterns of experiences.

The most important aspect of healing is forgiving, and restoring the loving connection within our own bodymind. We participate relationally in our effort to hear one’s inner wisdom as it springs from both subjective and objective reality.

It’s an essential work-in practice of humility and compassion that, over time, will guide individuals toward the necessary choices to transform their lives and reconnect to the universal field of intelligence enabling each of our cells to express its unique properties while simultaneously supporting wholeness of our bodymind.

As CHEK trained professionals, we must be persistent in our client’s healing and respond in creative ways that are different from the past, coach them through the 1-2-3-4 steps we embody and support them to be open to new possibilities.

Undeniably, I have witnessed that when people reorient themselves to Paul’s 4 Doctors and the 1-2-3-4 approach to living and loving, miracles do occur.

As we apply holistic, bodymind approaches designed to liberate intrinsic healing energy and help expand our therapeutic arsenal, we move beyond fear, pain and suffering. Indeed, we become happier.

In our bodymind understanding and experience of our essential nature as spiritual beings made of love, we empower ourselves and others with respect to each unfolding choice.

We create the best optimal conditions to return to wholeness as Love becoming aware of itself.

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