How do the perceptions you have of your clients shape the ways you work with them as real, flesh-and-blood human beings?

Too many coaches approach their clients like hyper-focused auto mechanics who jump on very obvious problems β€” knee pain or thyroid issues β€” at the expense of looking at them and their health from a broader, deeper perspective.

Humans are multi-faceted beings and so are their health problems.

So, are you looking at the whole person?

If you’re focused merely on a client’s basic complaints without digging further β€” it’s just physical/nutritional β€” you’re missing out on a lot.

Are you willing to notice today what you typically don’t notice?

This is a saying CHEK Faculty Member Jator Pierre uses to remind himself that coaches too often look at a client standing in front of them from inside a lens of familiarity to their basic symptoms.

That familiarity can obstruct a coach’s perspective, blinding him/her to a client’s wider array of health challenges.

It’s one of the many pearls of wisdom Jator shares in our latest video conversation.

In our video conversation, you’ll also learn why Jator believes it’s so important to put your clients into a leadership position so they can guide you through an exploration of their health and embrace a sense of autonomy that makes them feel safer and more comfortable.

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