After being away from others for an extended time then getting back into “the real world,” are you having challenges with your feelings?

It would be a surprise if you didn’t, which is why I want to share this simple exercise I do from time to time, using various shapes in my stone circle to grow my capacity for feeling.

This is one of several exercises in feeling my Holistic Lifestyle Coach students learn when I show them how to use art therapy and mandalas.

The cool part about this exercise: You may be watching me doing this right now in one of my rock gardens, but you can achieve the very same results in your home or on your patio.

Simply draw any shape that your soul guides you to create — anything from a circle to a star or rectangle — that’s large enough for you to step into.

Once you step into that shape, do 3-4 minutes of deep 4-6-8 breathing (inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold it in for 6 seconds, then let it out through your mouth or nose for 8 seconds). As you exhale, do it gently and pay close attention to what you’re feeling inside that shape.

I’ll describe my experience inside these shapes in my video, but it’s important to allow your soul to find its own way without any interference from me.

If you’re having challenges, I’ll share some easy, gentle tips you can use to help you become more centered and further develop your inner awareness of how shape and form change your energy levels.

Love and chi,