Are you having trouble with plantar fasciitis, the connective tissue on the bottom of your foot that works like a suspension system for the arch?

If you aren’t, consider yourself lucky! Plantar fasciitis is a chronic but poorly misunderstood problem related to heel pain that usually isn’t treated properly in therapeutic settings.

In my video, I explain how plantar fasciitis happens and some techniques you can use to manage this problem and facilitate healing.

You’ll learn how a lot of factors could be creating imbalances in your body that contribute to plantar fasciitis, including the ways stress on your organs may affect the flow of blood to your muscles along the same neurological channels that create fatigue and pain.

(For example, when you experience a heart attack, you feel pain in your chest and left arm, but not in the organ. The heart gets its pain sensory fibers from the same nerves that feed your chest and left arm.)

I’ll also show you some ways to heal from plantar fasciitis by giving your foot some extra support with a cheap pair of flip-flops and massaging the most painful spot with a pair of tennis balls wrapped with tape using as much transverse friction as you can stand.

When your body feels pain, you know something is out of balance. The longer you ignore these imbalances, the greater the probability they will spread throughout your body.

And, the longer your nervous system learns to move incorrectly, the harder it is for a CHEK Professional to help you recover. If you need more help, find a CHEK Professional at our CHEK Connect webpage.

Love and chi,