Ever consider how you organize your workouts in the gym so you can save yourself lots of unnecessary grief and fewer injuries?

I describe the mechanics and anatomy behind why you should be more aware, especially when you’re performing chin-ups and lat pulldowns and many other kinds of pulling exercises, about your grip techniques in this video.

After working from an anatomical chart of the muscular system to explain the inner mechanics with your muscles and bone structures, I hit the gym to show you how to safely use multiple grips when doing pulling exercises.

Generally, if your goal is to perform complex movements, it’s a good idea to organize your workouts so the pulling exercises that require the most complex grip movements (horizontal abduction) come first.

By structuring your workouts this way, your quality of movement increases and you won’t over-work your nervous system to the degree of fatigue either.

What’s more, if you have a physical problem you may be unaware about, you could be setting yourself up for a disruption of glenohumeral scapular-humoral timing (timing of the scapula on the thorax and the timing of the relationship between the scapula and humerus), so be careful…

If this video makes you want to learn more about the anatomy of the shoulder and develop proper conditioning programs on your own, you may want to consider my Scientific Shoulder Training e-course.

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