How often do you share the real truth about yourself with anyone? Authenticity can be very difficult, given how hard it is for us to be honest with ourselves.

Too often, we’re tiptoeing a never-ending series of half-truths and half-lies in our relationships with ourselves and others. So, why do we waste our energy hiding behind an invisible mask merely to adapt to an unauthentic, unhappy and sick society?

Worried that people won’t accept the real you?

These daily acts of deception — those you do to yourself and others — get in the way of being your best self and achieving greater goals.

That’s the focus of my latest video conversation with CHEK Faculty Member Warren Williams, who explains how he coaches clients by helping them understand the trinity of personas everyone inhabits at any given time.

  1. The person you think you are.
  2. The person the outside world sees.
  3. The person you really are.

Watch our conversation to learn how Warren guides clients to make the transition to authenticity by using Paul’s connection before correction strategy. The key: Honesty — not perfection — is the tool for transformation.