Does something inside let you know when people are being honest with you or not?

If your answer is YES, your Third Eye Chakra — the Sixth Chakra located right between your eyes — is working for you.

As my question implies, this Chakra relates to seeing things beyond the ordinary, and it’s not confined to recognizing the truth either!

Having a high functioning Third Eye Chakra may mean seeing subtle energies such as auras, a function of clairvoyance (an ability I use regularly).

Light is another important element to harnessing the power of this Chakra. In this realm, we use this Chakra in combination with light to help us see entities beyond the physical realm such as disembodied souls and angels.

Even telepathy, the ability to communicate without words at any distance, is another talent you can wield through the Third Chakra.

An important thing to remember in relation to the Third Eye Chakra is that none of them work well on their own. In other words, if you’re experiencing any of these abilities consistently, your other Chakras are probably working well too.

Also, I’ll share some challenges you may be having with your Third Eye Chakra and insights into how to begin to heal them.

Love and chi,