Need help building strength in your leg muscles and maintaining a functional butt?

A lot of people do and don’t even know it but you can spot it from a mile away among gym rats who have big lats and shoulders but very shriveled-up butts.

In my video, I’ll show you how to perform the sumo squat stomp, a great way to develop more strength in your legs and keep your butt healthy!

For this exercise, you’ll drop into a low squatting position like a sumo wrestler and stomp your feet on the floor. When you’re just starting out, perform one set of 20 reps using your body weight only, then progressively work your way up to adding weights.

Taking it easy in the beginning and giving your body three full days of rest between sets will help you handle any delayed onset muscle soreness.

Although people in a wide variety of conditioning levels can benefit by learning how to master the sumo stomp squat, I strongly recommend skipping it if you have any problems or concerns with your lumbar disks!

Love and chi,