Last month, we talked about Work-In movements – exercise forms that are intended to help you cultivate energy, stimulate healing processes and help you to relax your mind.

This month, I’ve created a work-in routine using Paul Chek’s Primal Patternยฉ movement forms. My video explains what the Primal Patterns are, but in a nutshell, they are the 7 primary movements that are the basis for most movements we perform. All of these patterns would have been necessary for our ancestors to survive.

Combine these 7 forms with the work-in framework and you’ve got a great energizing, pumping, stress releasing work-in routine. I call this routine the Primal Zone Work-In Routine.

A few final notes about the Primal Zone routine.

First, any of the exercises in the routine is, on its own, a great work-in exercise. So if you’re feeling like one is enough – perfect. Go with it.

Second, remember that all work-in exercises should be performed at a natural rate of breathing. You shouldn’t break a sweat while performing these movements. In fact, they should help your digestion, so think about performing these exercises at a rate that would be comfortable if you’d just eaten.

That’s it!

I invite you to watch the video, try the program out and let me know how you feel afterwards in the comments section below.

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