The Power of Your Yes and NoYou may have heard me talk about the Power of Your Yes and No in previous videos, without really understanding that concept entirely.

That makes a lot of sense, considering too many people are masters at “double messaging” (a trait identified by Arnold Mindell, the founder of process-oriented psychology), defined as saying one thing but meaning or doing something else entirely.

This video describes the Power of Your Yes and No pretty simply. It revolves around being aware of your personal power and being clear about how you invest the finite amount of energy you have every day in congruent, dream-affirmative ways in exchange with yourself and others.

There’s always some kind of offer, even if it’s an offering to ourselves that represents the potential in any given exchange.

Saying Yes means you’re connecting with that person or that opportunity, therefore, there’s a flow of energy going to the recipient. Saying No means to stop the flow of power or connection coming toward you whether it be from a friend, family member, teacher, co-worker or even ourselves.

A No response means whatever choice you make, for whatever reason, is fine because it’s yours. If I do anything else, I’m imposing myself on you and not respecting your decision.

This week’s video takes a deep dive into the Power of Your Yes and No concept by recognizing how much our words and actions matter when we use our personal power.

You’ll learn why saying simple phrases like “I have to” are one of the many subtle ways you give up your own personal power by convincing yourself you’re being manipulated by outside forces or circumstances you don’t control.

Taking responsibility for and learning how to build a dream-affirmative life starts by mastering the Power of Your Yes and No.

Love and chi,