Cravings are so often the undoing of good dietary habits.

But what do they mean? Is it just that we’re not getting the right kinds or amounts of macronutrients?

Or, is there something deeper at work?

This week in the CHEK Blog, I talk with CHEK Faculty Member Jator Pierre about these questions as part of our series on the complexity and simplicity of fat loss.

And as always, Jator has a number ofΒ reallyΒ eye-opening insights on the topic – like the way that our stresses can alter our gut flora and actually drive our cravings.

But even more importantly, Jator offers a powerful perspective on how to overcome our cravings and the frequent “victim-punisher-rescuer” cycle that many of us fall into when it comes to our cravings.

If you’ve struggled with your own cravings – or you work with clients who do – you’ll want to watch this interview.

Watch “The Cravings Paradox” now:

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