The Higher and Deeper Training MethodIs it possible to avoid training and conditioning merely by working a physically demanding job (lifting boxes all day) or pursuing a tough sport (rugby or boxing)?

If you do either one to excess, you’ll learn very quickly that you can’t rely on them to condition your body adequately. In fact, you’ll find yourself feeling the painful effects of overtraining in a hurry.

In this video, I’ll show you avoid that by teaching you the Higher and Deeper Training Method, using a swing-clean-to-press with kettlebells and dumbbells.

In this context, I mean using weights in ascending and descending order to exercise your muscles more completely and consistently at progressively higher and lower capacities.

For example, going higher with more progressive weights activates your fast-twitch motor units and muscle fibers with the intention of stimulating your body and nervous system in preparation for heavy lifting at a maximum level.

Then, going deeper in a progressive, descending pattern allows you to exhaust the entire range of slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers, thus allowing your muscles to dive more deeply into the motor neuron pool and muscle fiber population.

As you study this video, you’ll discover the real advantages are in its customization and the ability to get an amazing workout by doing just one exercise.

In the comments section below, let me know how you use the Higher and Deeper Training Method to reach your goals.

Love and chi,