No matter how easy or difficult challenges can be, they often do one of two things for us. Challenges can bring the worst out of us or, to the extent we’re conscious, help us grow and rise to our very best.

Take a few moments to think about recent challenges you’ve faced in your life, like moving to different part of the world for a job, being diagnosed with a serious health problem or having an argument with someone you care about very deeply.

Often, people go to the extreme approach and act habitually (without really thinking), with disastrous results ranging from heated he said/she said conversations that never quite get resolved to following orders from traditional health practitioners that may not help as much as they claim.

In this video, I share some very simple and practical ways you can face challenges from a clearer perspective that I use in my own life based on my studies of Carl Jung’s teachings and my life experiences dealing with a worldwide business with thousands of students and many instructors and employees.

The very first thing I teach my students is to ask themselves these five key questions as a baseline to help them (and you) respond to a challenging situation:

  • Do I have breath?
  • Do I have access to water?
  • Do I have access to food?
  • Do I have access to shelter?
  • Is there love in my life?

If all of your questions are answered with a Yes, you have some leeway to tackle this challenge more maturely and intelligently and explore how this situation fits within your dreams.

Love and chi,