People ask me all the time what things they need to do create a better future for themselves and their families.

Before looking ahead, however, it’s time to examine what brought you to the place where the present has become so murky that you’re questioning the choices you’ve made.

This process of examination is a lot like a firewalk, metaphorically and literally…

Think about hard decisions you’ve made in the past. How did you feel about the decisions you made when you focused on the possibilities and used your strengths to achieve them? Then, how did you feel about your decision process when you questioned yourself all the way through to the inevitable end?

I bet those decisions that originated from the possibilities you saw and your inner strengths you felt came pretty easily for you. Conversely, the ones that were fueled by worry, indecision, regret and blame (more about the actions of others than yourself) were quite painful.

I’ve literally walked the firewalk during a Tony Robbins seminar. Why do some people get burned while others (including me) don’t?

You don’t need to do a physical firewalk to create a better future, but you do have to walk the firewalk of the past so those previous fears and regrets don’t keep repeating themselves in the future when you want to move forward.

In my video, I’ll show you how this process works, specifically where the past and future merge, either to create problems or clarity and comfort when tough decisions have to be made.

Love and chi,


P.S. Are you acknowledging what the Pain Teacher is telling you?