It can be very easy to skip a workout when you’re busy, especially when you need it the most! Believe me, I know about a lack of time, working with clients, creating new classes and recording interviews for my Living 4D With Paul Chek podcast.

Because it’s so important to have a simple exercise you can perform when work gets in the way, my video shows you how to do the dead row with a plate-loaded Olympic bar.

This exercise combines a Sumo or traditional deadlift and a bent-over row. It’s so adaptable you can perform it in any combination of reps you like (for example two deadlifts followed by two bent-over rows, or four or six of the same).

Be sure you’re using a weight light enough to row, so you can breathe with the movement and allow your breath and movement cycle to time itself.

Another breathing tip: When you’re coming out of the fetal position you need to be breathing inward. As you’re moving toward the fetal position, you’ll need to breathing out. That’s just a general rule, and there are adaptations you can make at higher intensities of weight lifting too.

You’ll find a variation of this exercise on page 142 of my book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!, where I demonstrate how to perform it with an elastic cord or cable.

Love and chi,