We’re finally at the end of our journey through the Chakra System with our last stop at the Crown Chakra.

One archetypal theme of the Crown Chakra — I am — may be very familiar to you if yoga is your primary way to meditate. Your soul’s answers to I am are revealed by opening your self up to whatever rises in you.

Another theme to look for is ego vs. God. In other words, we’re so full of ego that we “become” God, and believe we can control things far beyond our reach.

If your Crown Chakra is working properly, your archetypal focus shifts from the I to the whole or God. Manifesting this focus allows you feel balanced and safe even in these challenging times.

Experiencing this calm will help you with the other key archetype associated with the Crown Chakra: The end of one thing and a transcendence to another, meaning some form of death either in the literal, physical sense or moving from one job or relationship you loved to a better one.

Remember how we handle death may determine if you evolve into a butterfly or get stuck as a caterpillar and get eaten by a bird!

If you’ve just discovered this series, I strongly urge to start from the beginning with part 1 on the Root Chakra.

You can learn a lot more about Chakras and how they work by reading The Book of Chakra Healing by Liz Simpson.

Love and chi,