With great knowledge comes greater responsibility, especially for CHEK Professionals who are trained to help their clients much more than merely being “body mechanics” with tricks up their sleeves.

To be the best at what they do, CHEK Professionals maintain their authenticity by looking beyond their clients’ superficial goals — six-pack abs, losing weight, chronic back pain. Instead, their mission as professionals remains consistent and always client-focused: Recommending detailed assessments that address the underlying lifestyle problems — more sleep, a better diet, emotional relief — and life lessons that really attracted clients to them in the first place.

Unfortunately, some very gifted professionals still succumb to the wants of their clients who balk at the need for assessments out of a fear of losing income. Looking at this problem from the perspective of archetypes, CHEK Mentor Warren Williams says they’re becoming prostitutes working for money than the true health goals of their clients, and sacrificing their authenticity along the way.

“People come to me with back pain [problems] and that’s what’s driven them to me, but that’s not what they need,” Warren says in this new video interview. “The back pain was the thing that gave them the motivation to come to see me, but I know they came to learn life lessons and their pain was something that merely brought them to me in the first place.”

Warren shares a five-point checklist CHEK Professionals can follow so they can become the anchors their clients need in their lives. He also explains why saying no to clients is a great thing that supports your authenticity and gives your yes exponentially more value.

I’ve also included a link to download the audio-only version of this interview below the video, so grab it and have a listen!

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