Having a hard time starting your day on the right track?

It’s hard not to notice people who use physical lists to plan out each day. You’ll see them arrive at the office with yellow legal notepads filled from top to bottom with to-do lists that never quite get done.

Believe me, I appreciate how that lingering feeling of never quite finishing your daily list can be a huge and constant source of frustration that encroaches on every other part of your body and soul.

If you’re feeling frustrated day in and day out with lists and plans, I want to share a simple approach I’ve used for a long time that gets my day started with the right intention.

To prevent yourself from becoming stuck, I’ll show how to use art to sketch your plans for the new day.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be a perfect work of art that will hang in a museum, but one that will give you some peace, play time and color at a time of day where it can embolden you to map out your life’s journey with intention.

Love and chi,