If you get anything out of this portion of my Movement as Medicine series, itโ€™s understanding what stabilization really means.

Stabilization amounts to the ability to contain and conduct the flow of energy and information throughout your body.

Why is this emphasis so important? If you are unstable in your musculoskeletal system, you cannot conduct energy and information correctly.

Hereโ€™s a simple exampleโ€ฆ

What happens if youโ€™re playing soccer or practicing any of the martial arts? The act of kicking a ball or a punching bag becomes much harder if your left knee is unstable.

You cannot maintain the natural flow of energy and information through the left side of your body to stabilize the actions of the right leg.

The kick is a comprehensive pattern that requires every joint in your body to cooperate. Understanding that you have to stand on your left leg for stability, if your knee is unstable, that will disable your ability to execute the motor program embedded in your nervous system.

That instability often leads to pain and the destruction of cartilage, ligaments and tissues. Whatโ€™s more, the inflammatory process may kick into high gear, leading to a painful and expensive all hell breaks loose situation!

And thatโ€™s merely one definition of stabilization youโ€™ll learn about, along with why the mind plays such an important role in this process!

Love and chi,