Spring is here!

Well hellooooo Spring!

I LOVE spring. Longer days, milder weather, beautiful spring flowers in the hedgerows and the lush greenness of the fields and woodlands returning. Beautiful.

It also marks an exciting shift in foodie creations. My slow cooker can finally rest her weary body whilst my juicer and sprouter get a good dusting off!

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is associated with the Wood Element. Spring is synonymous with new beginnings, new creations, and the rebirth of nature after its long hibernation in winter. New shoots emerge and buds begin to form and flower. This feeling of new energy has a cleansing effect on the body-mind as the anticipation of the season ahead floods the brain with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm.

Spring is the time for nourishing and kick starting our Liver and Gallbladder, organs which are essential for detoxification, blood sugar regulation, hormone balance, and fat and protein breakdown. We therefore look towards cleansing foods, styles of cooking and food prep that will be kind to the liver, waking it from its slumber if it has become toxic and