Setting Meaningful, Attainable GoalsSomething like 97 percent of people don’t set goals. The most common reason for not setting goals: When people set goals they never seem to accomplish them, so they stop doing it.

I understand the frustration. However, when I look at people’s goals, they’re not setting them properly. Often, they’ve set too many goals or unrealistic ones which just leads to frustration.

In fact, most goal-setting is just a recapitulation of last year’s mistakes because people work from the left brain, meaning they’re avoiding the information that comes from the right brain about wholeness and how things connect to each other.

I begin each new year by drawing a mandala that comes from my right-brain/artistic side and expresses the unconscious elements of myself, separate from the left-brained goals that are written.

This serves as an artistic expression of what wants to rise out of me when I put my intention on the upcoming year, and displays how the 4 Doctors will work in my life.

In my vlog, I’ll show you a simple, practical way to set goals with help from the 4 Doctors.

Love and chi,