Set An Anti-Resolution For 2018The New Year’s resolution is a tried-and-true tradition to kick off every year. But we all know the data on resolutions… most people really struggle to stick to them.

So this week, Jator Pierre and I take on the resolution tradition — why don’t they stick? Is there a better way to set up our year for success?

Jator suggests that one reason why resolutions might go wrong is their origin — we often set our resolutions from a place of fear, shame or lack.

We’re not producing enough… we’re not smart enough… we don’t have enough money. When those are the primary engines that drive our resolutions, it’s no wonder that they don’t truly motivate us to success.

So instead of using fear as fake fuel to move forward, Jator recommends you set an “anti-resolution” to work on embracing and accepting you as you are to be more loving and accepting toward yourself.

Develop that self-acceptance and you’ll be much more likely to generate other goals that truly motivate you to succeed.

If you’ve struggled with seeing New Year’s goals come true, watch my conversation with Jator and set yourself an “anti-resolution” this year.