Rest and DecompressAny time you’re carrying a heavy load — doing walking lunges with dumbbells in both hands or holding weights over your head — you’re experiencing what’s called axial loading (loading the spine along its vertical axis).

Because many of us don’t have core functionality for a variety of reasons, over time, we’re not able to have balanced recruitment of the stabilizer muscles and postural muscles relative to the prime mover muscles we use.

Unfortunately, we can fall into postural syndromes that have the effect of either causing exaggerated spinal curvatures in some areas or decreased curvatures in others. Usually, people experience a combination of exaggerations in one area and decreases in another.

In this video blog, I’ll show a very simple technique you can use to decompress your spine between rest periods as a way to decrease your discomfort and improve your performance in the gym.

I experienced a lot of injuries in my younger days racing stock cars and motorcycles, performing stunt lifts and competing in boxing and kickboxing events.

All of these experiences have been great teachers that have helped me find better ways to heal, achieve a greater balance and maintain a high level of physical fitness.

Protecting your spine from unnecessary stress is critical and this technique is an easy one to use to minimize it.

As you’re watching my video, here’s something to keep in mind: If you practice proper breathing through your diaphragm while you’re resting, you’ll enhance your body’s pumping mechanisms and give your body a natural, refreshing reset.

Be sure to listen to your body and focus on what makes you feel good. If you take the time to do that, you’ll never make a bad decision.

Love and chi,