Relieving SI Joint PainWhen a client talks to you about pain and dysfunction in the sacroiliac (SI) joint, there are a number of reasons for these problems, but are you looking at all of them?

Usually, clients tell me they feel tightness on the lengthened or taut side, but that probably isn’t where the problem lies and it could be why they aren’t getting any better.

In my video, I’ll show you a tip that will help you quickly identify where the physical problem may really be and a quad stretch to correct it.

However, treating this problem also means addressing the mental-emotional-spiritual aspects which may have an even greater influence. If a client has experienced physical trauma, that may be the root cause.

But mental-emotional-spiritual issues could be root causes too.

Are you looking at a client’s root or second chakras, financial issues, stress within the family and trust? Could your client not be getting enough rest, water or quality, healthy foods that would help to create more balance? Is your client truly being authentic and taking responsibility for what he/she has created in this lifetime?

This is the essence of the integrated, holistic approach we follow as CHEK Practitioners to get to the root cause of a problem. It’s not just about the physical aspects. We have to address all of these issues if we really want to get someone out of their dysfunction.

Ashley Mazurek

Ashley is a go-to exercise expert at the C.H.E.K Institute.

She draws on 18 years of experience in the Fitness Industry, training as a C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 4 and HLC 3, and her personal experience as a nationally ranked triathlete to coach her clients to optimal performance and health.

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