Let me start by asking you a question…

Did any strength coach, exercise professional or the guy in the gym paying more attention to his phone ever explain the concept of the pivot shift to you?

The pivot shift entails balancing the inertia of a weight you’re lifting, moving or swinging in relation to the changes in the center of gravity created by the movement of the load and the use of the mass and mechanics of your own body.

Simply put, this technique trains the body to work the way Mother Nature intended so it increases your survival and durability.

In this video, I’ll show you how the pivot shift works with the deadlift, squat, kettlebell swing and medicine ball toss.

As you learn to master the pivot shift, you’ll be able to lift more weight with the same number of reps because you’re burning less energy. Then, as your efficiency improves, you’ll increase your total volume of training and your awareness of your body mechanics too.

If you’re performing the pivot shift correctly, you’ll feel as if you’re effortlessly rocking in a rocking chair with weights rather than trying to “muscle” it.

Just remember, repetition is the mother of skill, provided there is skill in the repetition.

Love and chi,