Simon Cheng: The History and Functional Application of Teas

Do you treat tea as medicine?

If not, you’ll probably change your mind as you listen to this delicious Living 4D conversation as Pique Tea founder Simon Cheng takes Paul on a journey that surveys the history and medicinal benefits of tea.

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  • Surgery for sleep apnea gone bad was a whole health wake-up call for Simon. (10:13)
  • Are you drinking enough tea? (18:00)
  • The worst quality of tea you can drink. (23:06)
  • Chemistry affects the caffeine content of tea. (32:17)
  • An important tip on preparing matcha tea. (43:38)
  • “Everything you need is already inside.” (51:22)
  • Tea: A history lesson. (1:01:21)
  • Coffee versus tea. (1:07:22)
  • Teas for stress management. (1:16:39)
  • How tea may benefit your gut. (1:32:50)
  • The effect of tea on hunger. (1:45:08)
  • Using teas with breath work. (1:53:53)
  • Do you have a tea-drinking protocol? (2:07:32)

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