Troy Casey: The Certified Health Nut

Why would anyone with a very successful career as a Versace model walk away from a life of fame and fortune?

Troy Casey chose health and healing over wealth and reclaimed his life, a journey that has continued to his recent remarriage to his wife in an ayahuasca ceremony.

Troy describes his life and discusses his book, Ripped at 50, with Paul in this very manly Living 4D conversation. Just for Living 4D listeners buy Ripped at 50 and get Troy’s Stress Management Program for free at this link.

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  • Troy’s unconventional childhood. (7:13)
  • “Most addictions are attempts to find safe love.” (15:12)
  • Troy’s Certified Health Nut career was born in the Amazon with help from YouTube. (20:22)
  • Troy confronts reality after his divorce. (30:11)
  • Trying to be a Mr. Mom nearly broke Troy. (38:12)
  • “What happens when you reach for the horizon?” (45:37)
  • What led to Troy remarrying his wife in an ayahuasca ceremony. (1:00:56)
  • Romancing the stone. (1:09:45)
  • Never bring a woman to a men’s group. (1:23:13)
  • Writing Ripped at 50. (1:31:25)
  • “Everyone we despise is God.” (1:41:46)

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