Kris Buchanan: From Olympic Athlete to Serious Illness to Whole Food Restaurant

Even athletes who achieve their greatest goal of competing in the Olympics can fall hard healthwise after their careers end due to a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits.

Former Olympian Kris Buchanan shares her story from rise and fall to recovery and opening her GOODONYA Organic restaurant in Encinitas, Calif., in this foodie Living 4D conversation.

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  • Kris thanks Sean Croxton for saving her life from a health crash. (7:44)
  • Choosing organic foods is just a starting point. (17:11)
  • How elite athletes were taught food is fuel: Eight McDonald’s pop-up restaurants fed some 10,000 athletes during the 1996 Olympics. (30:58)
  • Did you know stevia was banned by the FDA until major food companies created their own versions? (45:09)
  • “I’m dogmatic about not following a dogmatic diet. We’ve been yelled at every day by vegans for 20 years, and I’m over it.” (1:09:33)
  • The myths about canola oil. (1:12:38)
  • Electrolyte drinks: A symbol of everything that’s wrong with processed foods in one bottle. (1:34:32)
  • The number one question Kris gets asked as a nutritionist: Can you got to the grocery store with me? (1:46:59)
  • Is eating organic/biodynamic foods really cheaper and affordable in the long run? (1:53:35)
  • The nocebo effect. (2:09:27)
  • “Education is the only way you can learn how to live.” (2:17:11)
  • Kris’ Coca-Cola tattoo on her ankle is a constant reminder about her journey to better health. (2:22:30)

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