Kyle Kingsbury: His Favorite Subjects

How do you react to violence? Do you respond with even more violence or do you take a more loving approach?

Kyle Kingsbury, one of Paul’s favorite people in the world, returns to discuss some of his favorite subjects, including meditation, plant medicines, awareness and the quality of time in this psychedelic Living 4D podcast.

Learn more about Kyle on his website where you’ll find his latest ebook, Eat With The Kingsbury’s Keto Cookbook, and on Instagram.

  • Implement new habits and practices deliberately, one at a time. (5:07)
  • “Time is a form of wealth.” (17:18)
  • Is our world experiencing a “psychedelic revival?” (27:41)
  • Your psychedelic playlist. (44:50)
  • “Some of the best meditation experiences you’ll ever experience are in a sauna or cold tub.” (52:52)
  • How Kyle’s mental clarity benefited from following a ketogenic diet. (57:59)
  • To Kyle, there are no “bad trips” on psychedelics. (1:04:42)
  • What would love do when someone is trying to attack you with a shovel? (1:11:10)
  • Is awareness by itself a loving thing? (1:16:33)

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