Paul Chek: Creating Stability in Times of Crisis

Is it possible to find joy and peace amid great uncertainty, even a crisis as precarious and worldwide as the COVID-19 pandemic?

In his latest solo Living 4D podcast, Paul shares the same proven tools he uses every day to handle the challenges of life that can be very handy when navigating uncertainty in your life too.

  • Get a better handle on a crisis by looking at the bigger picture. (3:27)
  • The law of impermanence versus the rigidity of perfection. (10:11)
  • “It is the illusion that we don’t know that leads to questions that are essentially what makes mind happen.” (25:53)
  • Being unconscious means being unaware of the world around you. (34:33)
  • With this extra time on your hands, how are you using it? (43:07)
  • Spiritual teachers have done their shadow work… are you doing yours? (52:55)
  • The symbolic meanings of 2020. (57:20)
  • Doing an honest, meditative exercise. (1:02:50)
  • Three dimensions of freedom as expressions of love. (1:12:11)
  • Exerting your own agency. (1:22:29)
  • Balancing the tension of the opposites. (1:30:32)
  • Tools you can use to help you navigate a crisis. (1:33:43)
  • Transforming pain into freedom through art. (1:52:18)

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