Greg Muller: Coaching Strategies for Elite Athletes That Work for Everyone!

How many strength and conditioning coaches can say they have worked with three professional championship teams in one calendar year?

Renowned strength and conditioning coach Greg Muller describes the challenges of integrating CHEK philosophies — for example diet and working in strategies — when working with high performance athletes and soldiers in this Living 4D episode.

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  • Greg was the strength/conditioning coach for three professional rugby teams who won championships in 2001, all within a calendar year. (2:17)
  • Paul convinced Greg very quickly that he had much to learn about training soldiers after they met in Christchurch, N.Z., 22 years ago. (5:32)
  • Early in his career, Greg worked with a world class rugby player who believed working with leg weights would slow him down! (12:52)
  • “The truth is what works.” (16:16)
  • By looking at pictures on an office wall, Paul identified nine pro athletes on one team with severe atlas subluxations. (21:08)
  • Paul worked with the Chicago Bulls often during their NBA Championship run, teaching them core conditioning and how to use the Swiss ball. (23:41)
  • The key problem coaches have with working with elite athletes: A lack of good group leadership/management skills. (25:29)
  • “Can you effectively design a strength and conditioning program for an athlete without knowing what their dream, goal or objective is?” (32:07)
  • A former Oakland Raiders player told Paul he was obligated contractually to eat junk food at his training facility whenever cameras were present. (42:03)
  • With physical skill sets among pro athletes being nearly equal, how they deal with mental health issues or don’t can be a difference-maker. (47:53)
  • Coaches treating athletes like real human beings is transformational for both groups. (52:45)
  • “All children are tasked with the unfinished lives of their parents.” (1:00:13)
  • Why are degrees in engineering more valuable than those in philosophy or the social sciences? (1:09:07)
  • The externalization of the self and Paul’s Working in principles. (1:18:33)
  • Why do people listen to headbanging death metal music in gyms? (1:32:30)
  • Focus first on the simple things before the technical aspects of your health. (1:36:41)

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