Rosanne Grace: Quantum Healing Hypnosis: Past Life Regression

Do you need clarity about your purpose in life? Are you a seeker who is willing to pursue answers to deep questions that go far beyond the physical plane?

Paul shares his recent experiences with past life regression through quantum healing hypnosis with Rosanne Grace in this transcendental Living 4D conversation.

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  • One of Paul’s past lives was as a member of the Knights Templar. (7:40)
  • The intense emotional pain of tremendous loss Paul felt during his past life regression mirrored what he felt when his father died. (12:47)
  • The Celtic God, Cernunnos, is supporting Paul on his journey to write a new book. (22:35)
  • In at least one of Paul’s past lives, he was a woman. (26:20)
  • Describing quantum healing hypnosis. (30:47)
  • The number 1 question clients ask Rosanne. (40:30)
  • The cosmic game of life. (51:21)
  • Do you believe in myths? (57:25)
  • How psychic entities harm you. (1:05:30)
  • Paul’s psychic battle with gargoyles. (1:14:01)
  • How much of humanity as a collective is really awake or working for the light? (1:28:34)
  • Who can benefit from hypnosis? (1:30:38)
  • Carrying around unresolved past life traumas weighs you down at the soul and physical levels. (1:49:18)

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