Chervin Jafarieh: Engaging Real Health Today

How and why do people get so confused about what’s really important in their lives, like their own health?

Cymbiotika’s Chervin Jafarieh returns to share his thoughts about how our society can heal itself and the planet in this Living 4D podcast.

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  • Social media: Intellectual connection vs. emotional disconnection. (13:45)
  • The addiction of instant gratification. (24:17)
  • The eyes as the conductors of light transmitting waves of information. (41:39)
  • A silent/spiritual war. (50:40)
  • What is real science? (1:05:20)
  • A lack of discernment. (1:23:46)
  • Why do average people NOT think about their health every day? (1:37:22)
  • Writing down your dreams every day is like a slow drip of ayahuasca. (1:56:14)
  • Chervin’s meeting with a juvenile rattlesnake. (2:01:55)
  • Are we living in a capitalist myth or a consumerist myth? (2:11:05)
  • Could Bill Gates be right about something? (2:22:12)
  • A cold shower may enhance a man’s sex drive. (2:39:00)

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